We all know how powerful social media has become over the years and this is exactly why you should be promoting your book on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Trying to find somewhere you can promote your book without being swallowed up with other items that have nothing to do with books can be a difficult task.
This is exactly why I am offering my book dedicated sites to you! 
Nothing else is posted apart from books! 
My Pinterest page is getting between 30,000 & 90,000 monthly views!
My Readers Facebook page has over 10,000 followers!
My Twitter page has over 19,000 followers!
My Instagram page has over 2,000 followers!
This is a massive audience to have your book in front of!

Frequently Asked Questions

What genres do you promote?

I promote all genres

How long will my book be featured?

Your book will be posted on each site that you order. I never remove posts so this means long term exposure. 

Can I reorder?

Yes! You can advertise with us as many times as you want. 

Can my book be free?

Yes, your book can be free, or paid. Doesn’t matter. 

What happens after I pay and submit my book?

After you submit your book and pay I will promote this within 7 days. You will receive an email with your post links once this is completed.

I want to schedule my book for a few weeks from now, can I buy now to get the deal?

Absolutely! Please add any date along with any offers or freebies in the notes box when ordering

What information do you need to promote my book?

All I need is the link to your book and I will take care of the rest ( if you have a promotion coming up and need to schedule a date also add this ) 

Can I submit a new release?


What formats can I promote on your site?

Print, audiobooks, kindle & eBooks.

Do you only promote Kindle books?

No! You can promote your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, websites or wherever you are selling it. We do ask that you only give us one link because ads are more successful if the reader doesn’t have a lot of choices to make.