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A Full Package
Jo Huddleston

A Full Package

Andrea Johns
Excited and hopeful

Hi have only just received my order for book promotion. So far so good. Everything that was promised has been fulfilled. Now to watch the magic begin. Very excited to see the outcome. I will submit another review a little down the track. Thank you tinasbookpromos ❤️

Excellent Service!

Tina delivers on her promise! She posted my book on all of her accounts very promptly, even highlighting a very positive quote from one of my editorial reviews. It's a service I will use again.

The Tutor and The Billionaire Daddy

Great service by Tina and even rushed it without me asking. And gave me a bit extra. Looking forward to working with her again! And looking forward to even more book sales!

A Full Package
Radscheda Nobles

She did wonderful job!

A Full Package
Shannon Kennedy
Pinterest- lnterest

The post were well put together. The content was easy and fun to share.

A Full Package
David Crosby
Thumbs up for Tina on my new romance With Prejudice!

Thanks a bunch Tina! Got those promos up quick. Really appreciate it.

A Full Package
Zoilita Grant
Empowering Transformation: Tina's Promotional Efforts for "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life"...

Tina's promotional endeavors for "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life" were nothing short of extraordinary. Through her keen understanding of the book's core message and its potential impact, Tina crafted campaigns that transcended mere marketing—they became vehicles for meaningful connection and personal growth. From engaging social media posts that sparked thought-provoking discussions to organizing community events that fostered genuine dialogue, Tina leveraged every platform available to her to amplify Zoilita Grant's empowering words.

A Full Package
Michael Hartig
Exceeded expectations!

Great thing about Tina is she did exactly what she said she would and could do and even did it quicker than originally stated. More than that, I am not computer knowledgeable but she helped greatly and was very patient with my questions and concerns. Well worth the time and expense.

A Full Package
S.F. Baumgartner
Quick turnaround

Thank you for the quick turnaround. Nice graphics.

A Full Package
Jay Hartlove
Thoughtful Ads Well Placed

Tina's did a great job with my promotion. Well crafted and eye catching. Thank you!

x2 Book Special
Troy Dunham
Great service

Fast service

Shamece Dove
Thank you so much!!!!

I have been trying to find ways to promote my books. My boyfriend came across TinaBookPromos and put me on. Glad I did this because Tina helped me big time! Thank you once again!

Joy V. Smith
Helps me share my science fiction stories!

Great response time and communication, and I appreciate the variety of platforms. A good investment.

Jeffrey Carrier
Very reliable!

I’ve used this service twice, and the books have been promoted ahead of schedule each time.

A Full Package
Raphael Heaggans
Awesomely Fast Service

Tina made me feel like I was her only client! She worked quickly and accurately to advertise my work on her social media platforms. It translated into more sales! Thanks Tina

A Full Package
C. Harris
Excellent and Efficient Choice

Tina's Book Promos is very speedy and efficient as a promotional tool. I didn't get a lot of traction for my book, Reunion of the Three, but every bit of marketing helps.

Order Fullfilled

Tina’s delivered in the time stated on the order. She added a review to the post which I thought was added bonus. Thank you for this service, although I didn’t receive sales from this promotion my book "Soulmate Quest: A Shadow and Light Workbook to Finding Love and Self-Discovery” it is still in front of more people than it was before I purchased this service.

A Full Package
Suzanne Shirar
Fast and Fabulous

Really nice job of capturing the information available on line for When The Rules Don’t Apply by Gerard Shirar and providing more exposure!

Matthew Edsall
Happy customer

I am happy with the Services and I cannot wait to see the results! Thank you Tina!

A Full Package
Victoria Hudson

Tina's book promo, did what she said it would do in a timely and effective manner.

A Full Package
Erica Moseley
Helpful Tina

This is amazing. I’m grateful for the opportunity.Thank you.

A Full Package
Glenda Clare

Fast and easy to do!

A Full Package
Wally Long
Great service!

Tina had my book up on her sites very quickly. Thank you!

A Full Package
Kyle Smith
A Reliable Service for Book Promotion

Must Reads Book Promos offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for authors seeking to increase the visibility of their books. As an avid reader and aspiring author myself, I recently utilized their services to promote my debut novel, and the experience exceeded my expectations.

What sets Must Reads Book Promos apart is they take the time to understand the genre, target audience, and unique selling points of the book, ensuring that the promotional efforts are precisely targeted for maximum impact.

Their promotional packages are well-rounded, incorporating a variety of strategies such as social media blasts.

Moreover, the team at Must Reads Book Promos is highly professional and responsive. They promptly addressed any questions or concerns I had throughout the process, providing valuable insights and guidance to optimize the promotional campaign.

One of the most impressive aspects of their service is the tangible results it delivers. Thanks to their strategic promotion efforts, my book experienced a noticeable increase in sales and garnered positive reviews from readers who discovered it through their promotions.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Must Reads Book Promos to any author looking to boost the visibility and sales of their books. Their personalized approach, professionalism, and proven track record make them a reliable partner in the journey to success in the competitive world of publishing.