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A Full Package

A Full Package

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I will promote 1 book on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

My Pinterest is getting between 30,000 & 90,000 monthly views each and every month!

My Facebook page has over 10,000 followers!

My Twitter page has over 19,000 followers!

My Instagram page has over 2,000 followers!

I will include the book cover image and your book description/sentence (the number of characters depends upon my social media sites allowance)

I will also include the link to your book! (this excludes facebook)

I will provide you with the links to your posts on completion!

Your posts are permanent!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 243 reviews
Zoilita Grant
Empowering Transformation: Tina's Promotional Efforts for "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life"...

Tina's promotional endeavors for "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life" were nothing short of extraordinary. Through her keen understanding of the book's core message and its potential impact, Tina crafted campaigns that transcended mere marketing—they became vehicles for meaningful connection and personal growth. From engaging social media posts that sparked thought-provoking discussions to organizing community events that fostered genuine dialogue, Tina leveraged every platform available to her to amplify Zoilita Grant's empowering words.

Michael Hartig
Exceeded expectations!

Great thing about Tina is she did exactly what she said she would and could do and even did it quicker than originally stated. More than that, I am not computer knowledgeable but she helped greatly and was very patient with my questions and concerns. Well worth the time and expense.

S.F. Baumgartner
Quick turnaround

Thank you for the quick turnaround. Nice graphics.

Jay Hartlove
Thoughtful Ads Well Placed

Tina's did a great job with my promotion. Well crafted and eye catching. Thank you!

Raphael Heaggans
Awesomely Fast Service

Tina made me feel like I was her only client! She worked quickly and accurately to advertise my work on her social media platforms. It translated into more sales! Thanks Tina