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x3 Book Bundle

x3 Book Bundle

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I will promote 3 books on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

My Pinterest is getting between 30,000 & 90,000 monthly views each and every month!

My Facebook page has over 10,000 followers!

My Twitter page has over 19,000 followers!

My Instagram page has over 2,000 followers!

I will include the book's cover image and your book description/sentence (the number of characters depends upon my social media sites allowance)

I will also include the link to your book! (this excludes facebook)

I will provide you with the links to your posts on completion!

Your posts are permanent!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jerry L Lane
Can you feel Tyrone by Jerry L Lane

Wow! Intriguing thought process, another level read with believable results. Excellent read with the blur between reality and technology.

Michael Johnson
My name is

zero sales so far

Larry Morris
Author Larry E. Morris reviews tinasbookpromos

I write nonfiction history books on such subjects as the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the friendship of Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper, and the 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake. I stay very busy researching and writing and don't have the expertise or time to promote my books. Luckily, I found tinasbookpromos. Thanks to her, thousands of potential readers have seen links to my books and have seen the good reviews on Amazon. Getting your books promoted can be quite expensive, but Tina promoted three of mine for a very reasonable fee. Thanks very much, Tina.

Roy Stone

Just as advertisted, post the links and we’ll now wait to see if it helps. All advertisment is good advertising right?

Anthony La Forgia

She has been absolutely fantastic, timely and everything as promised - can’t wait to work with her again.